The story of Regulator Bob needs to stop wondering around my head.   Oh to write a book!  But the demons of time management and life’s distraction have stolen the words form making the page.  With fits and starts my broken ideas have scratched there way out but no  shape has come.  So, A blog! I will write the book as a blog.  One small peace of the story at a time leading to a final product.

This is not meant to be a polished final version of anything.  It is meant to be an exercise in words and in developing my writing skills.  If I happen to entertain some people along the way that would make me very happy.   So please, if you do enjoy it, tell a friend.   The more people that join the blog the more I will feel obligated to write and get Bob’s story out of my procrastinating head.

Also please give me feed back.

Oh Thor, I hope this works……..